stone on plinth Carrying the stone down from the mountain studio

What makes things what they are?
What makes us who we are?
When does something become something else?
What is identity in itself?
What sort of events result in a mere change and what sorts of events result in thing’s destruction in terms of its existence?
How long does a thing or a situation need to persist to be given a name?

stone on plinth destruction

A stone was taken from the Alps, where it was 'born', and then has been divided and gradually smashed into smaller bits until there was only powder left. The natural timeline of a stone has been manipulated and accelerated in order to explore the identity of the stone. When did it cease to exist? When it was divided or when only pieces were left? And what happened when it was rebuilt in its original form from its original parts? The question of identity can be easily transfered onto other objects and even us humans. The molecules of which the human body consists are completely exchanged every 7-10 years. The parts have changed but we are still the same person. What is there besides the mere parts?

This piece was exhibited during the timeline exhibition. Thanks to Christopher Leibiger for taking the pictures.

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